Thursday, July 29, 2010

Q & A with Jasmine Sanders

Q: Hello, Jasmine how r u? I have a personal question r u and Chris still friends if u don't want to answer i understand sweetie?

A: Hi Regina Grant! I'm wonderful, thanks for asking! But I'd rather not discuss...

Q: What inspired you to start modeling?

A: Hi Briana Alyssa Brown! Funny thing, I used to be a tomboy! I was very into sports when I was in elementary and middle school. The older I got, the more girly I became! My mom has been doing makeup all my life so I've always been very fond of that. As I watched her work and became a fan of other models (Victoria Secret models to be exact) I always told myself that would one day be me. Once I began working, at the age of 13, professionally...thats when I knew that modeling was my one true passion in life!

Q: How did you get signed to BOSS Models?

A: Hi Nina ThaMo Tedder! When I was 13 years old, my mom was confronted by my mother agent, Sheilah Dixon of Millie Lewis South Carolina, to come to the agency to meet her. That meeting turned into a test shoot, which later turned into those images and some polaroids being sent off to Boss! Next thing I know my parents are asking me if I want to take modeling seriously and spend my last summer before beginning high school in New York. Obviously my response was YES! I spent that summer and many more in New York City and all over Europe! And as you can see now...My story is to be continued! :)

Q: How are you after everyone started hating on you? I hope you stay strong!

A: Hi Karen Aivadjian! I'm amazing! I am a very strong individual and have never been one to let someone's words phase me! I was raised very well by my parents and family. I am very close to my family and friends and at the end of the day, they know the truth and stay loyal to me no matter what! All of my experiences in life have not only made me stronger but has made me the humble person I am today. In all honesty, I laugh at how negative people can be towards others and the many lies people/blogs write about me! It's very entertaining!

Q: How old were you when you started modeling? And do you plan on being an actress on day?

A: Once again, thanks Regina Gant! I started modeling when I was 13 years old! My plans, since day one, are to make a household name for myself in the modeling industry and hopefully branch off to many different industries as my life and career continue! :)

Q: Jasmine whose your favorite rapper?

A: Hi Patrick Ter Minasian! Free Weezy! I'm a huge fan of Lil Wayne & T.I.

Q: Do you still have a youtube account?

A: Hi Breanaloren Walton! No, I no longer have a youtube account.

Q: Do you idolize or look up to anyone in the modeling industry?

A: Hi & thank you Lilliana 'Lilz' Flaire!! [You are too kind] I definitely idolize Tyra Banks! She has made a household name for herself in the modeling industry, tried acting and singing, has her own talk show, and countless seasons of Americas Next Top Model. I also have always been a huge fan of Heidi Klum! [Fellow German :)] She is a wonderful model and I love watching her career grow with Victoria Secret and other clients. P.S. The fact that her body can bounce back after she has kids is definitely something I look up to as well. [For my future, of course lol!]

Q: So, what are your favorite artists/bands outside of Rap & RnB? How would you describe your personal style?

A: Hi Bridget Awosika! Pop-Lady Gaga/Christina Aguilera Country- Carrie Underwood/Lady Antebellum

I honestly don't know how to describe my personal style! Lol! It changes everyday! One day I'm just wanting to be comfy and the next I'm thinking "pain is beauty!"

Q: How are you? Who are some of your favorite VS models?

A: Hi Miante' Mitchell! I'm great! Thanks for asking :) As I've mentioned in a previous question, I absolutely love Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum, but I also love Adriana Lima, Gisele B√ľndchen, and Miranda Kerr!

Q: What's your advice to those who are starting to pursue their dreams?

A: Hi Briana Alyssa Brown! Whatever you do, NEVER give up! And like my dad always tells me, "Know that there is always someone working/pushing harder than you!"

Q: What is your race background and where were you born?

A: Hi Regina Grant! My mom is German and my dad is Black/American. I was born in Germany!! :)

Q: What mark do you want to leave on the fashion industry as a model who is a woman-of-color? Are you seeing a change in regards to body shape and weight standards? If you were to go to college, what would you major in?

A: Hi Trishana Mckendall-Jones! I really want to make a positive mark in the fashion industry. Not only do I want people to love my pictures and other work relating to modeling, but I want people to look up to me. I want young girls to tell their parents and elders, "I want to be just like Jasmine Sanders when I grow up!" I also want girls...and guys to know that anything is possible! You have to work harder than the person beside you, and harder than the person beside them! Dealing with body shapes and weight standards, it really depends on what type of modeling you are trying to pursue. Every client is looking for something different and the next best thing! Now, referring to college and what I would major in....hmmmm....I spent all my time in high school taking classes that would benefit me in college to become a Registered Nurse. I've always wanted to work in the health field, as long as I didn't have to deal with too much blood! Lol!

Q: Do your tattoos ever affect you being booked for shoots or shows?

A: Hi Ashley Lanay! I honestly haven't had any problems with booking jobs, due to my tattoos. When I first began getting tattoos I had to tell the clients that I would prefer that they edited my tattoos out, only because I didn't want them exposed. A lot of clients love my tattoos and want to show them off as much as possible! It's crazy! But I will say that I wouldn't recommend anyone to get a million and one tattoos! If you do feel that you should get one or a model...make them as discrete as possible. Make sure it is something very thought out and in a place where you can hide them, if needed. :)

Q: How old are you? Do you like modeling? What tips or advice would you give young teenage girls today out here who want to pursue modeling as a career? If a female wanted to pursue modeling as a career what modeling agency or agencies would be the best agency to sign up for? What things must an up an coming model be aware of when entering the industry?

A: Hi Lorrie Prather! To answer a few of your questions...I'm 19 years old. I would have to enjoy some part of this industry to have been in it for 6 years, lol! There are so many ups and downs, its ridiculous! You need/have to be a very confident (but not arrogant) individual! There are going to be so many people in this industry that try to break you! You have to know that, as much as you want this to be something fun and entertaining, it is also a job! You can not come into this business feeling as if all you have to do is get your hair and makeup done, and take a picture. It is so much more than that!! A little heads up, if you're going to take this modeling or acting thing seriously, I really hope that you have someone you can really trust and depend on to be there for you 120%! I was lucky to have my mom! :)

Q: Would u like to have kids in the near future?

A: Hi Regina! I would like to have kids one day, but not any time soon. I'm only 19 and am currently focused on my modeling career and enjoying being young. :)

Q: Are you in the september or october issue of Seventeen mag?

A: Hello Briana! Actually it will either be in the October or November issue of Seventeen. When I find out exactly which issue I will be sure to update the fans on twitter and facebook. :)


A: Thank you London! I definitely have to watch what I eat and work out regularly to maintain my body weight and stay in shape. I try to eat as healthy as possible, but I love food and cheat often (then pay for it in the gym lol). I wish I could say that I just stay skinny and eat whatever I want without stepping foot into the gym, but that would be a total lie. ;)

Q: When you're not modeling and you're just "Jasmine Sanders" What do you like to do in your spare time?

A: Alanni, thanks so much for your support! When I'm not working or hitting the gym, I love to watch movies. I'm a big movie junkie (old and new) and I'm a big Sex and the City fan. I also love spending time with my family and closest friends when I get the chance because I can be myself and we have way too much fun together. I love to act goofy, laugh, and have lazy days in my sweatpants with junk food and SATC re-runs. :)

Q: what does your tatoo say ?

A: Hey Anyi! Thanks for your question. The tattoo on my side says "Strength is nothing more than how well you hide your pain." It's a quote that holds special meaning to me. :)


  1. Hi Jasmine!

    I wanted to know who do you see as your biggest competition in the modeling industry? And how does it feel to be famous? You have the cutest bf in the world (chris brown) and a good seems like you have it all. I wish i could have your lifestyle!

  2. hey ..
    i really want to get into Boss model. Its m dream to become a model. can you give me Boss model direct e-mail cause the one i have it say;s it doesn't work

  3. hi jasmine ! i just wanted to let you know that you are a very beautiful young lady. never let anyone get in the way of your dreams. keep up the gd work hun<3..eboni doll

  4. I really want to know.. what's yur brother name ?

  5. how do you make your hair so curly ??

  6. Hey Jasmine , do you every visit South Carolina ?

  7. hey!
    what language is your tattoo?

  8. from which country in africa is your father? :)

  9. how old are you?

  10. Hello Jasmine, I'm a huge fan of yours. I just want to know some of your beauty secrets and how you stay in great shape?

  11. Hello Jasmine. !
    I'm 14. I would LOVE to become a model . But, i don't know where to start ! What are some suggestions ? What do i do to start off ?

    By the way your my idol !!! :)

  12. Hey I just wanna say you're soooo beautiful and successful!! I'm from Peru and you really inspire me a lot

  13. Hi miss sanders Im fifteen year old African American girl from Texas named Alexis, I hope to be a famous model like you one day. I just wanted to know what's a good way to start a modeling career? C:

  14. Hey jasmine :)
    Do you speak german?
    I'm from germany :)

  15. Hey Jasmine.
    I'd just like to tell you that you are an inspiring individual and I hope one day I get to meet you when I myself have my very own break through. Keep up the good work and always stay humble!

  16. Are you german and black? Or something else?

  17. hi i was wondering what was the color of your blonde hair called? im trying to die my hair that color but cant pin point the exact color :)

  18. Hello, im a HUGE fan of your work i was wondering if i wanted to become a model like you, how would i start? if you could help me the link to my facebook page is
    thanks <3

  19. hey this is weird but I love ur body shape its really something I kinda want I was wondering like do u have like a special workout routine of any kind I would love to know soooo please reply it would mean a lot

  20. Hey :)
    I just wanted to say that you are one of the most beautiful models ever (i am a girl and straight ^^ ). And i am sure you are beautiful in the inside as well , so GO GO GO and never return back :) kiss ^^

  21. Congrats on your marriage to Ryan Hanigan. I love dog shows and read that you have some show dogs. How did you get into showing dogs?

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